Software platform for monitoring manufacture execution and warehouse management, StreamLoadTM Easy MES/WMS, represents the basis of the warehouse management and manufacture execution solutions.

  • StreamLoadTMEasy MES – manufacture execution software (MES – manufacture execution system)
  • StreamLoadTMEasy WMS – warehouse management software (WMS – warehouse management system)

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From the very beginning of working in the area of Internet, we have based our solutions on the technology and products of Microsoft. The StreamLoadTM Easy MES/WMS software platform is a WEB application conceived upon the latest Microsoft technologies (NET framework, ASP.NET and MVC, SQL data bases):
• Adjusted for industrial environment
• Compatibile with existing ERP systems
• Modular, offering additional adjustment to the clients’ specific requests
• Responsive* (* flexible interface layout) and applicable on most new generation devices, primarily mobile terminals with Android operating system

Fast and simplyfied interface and a mobile terminal modul, with detailed information and improved navigation, make it easy for new users to adapt. Platform additionally allows verification of working hours, report configuration, administration and location inter-linking. A complete turn key solution includes
• Software,
• Equipment (servers, thermal printers, mobile terminals) and operating supplies (consumables),
• Consulting and technical support