Thermal print management service is an outsourcing solution intended for the clients who want additional assistance with organising the process of labeling goods.

In this respect, we have developed the business model of lending our equipment and expertise, effectively placing them at your disposal.

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We offer tailored assistance, based upon co-working partnership, including a string of individual services. The scope of the assistance may be adjusted to include any of the services:

  • Lending the printers
  • Revision of the labeling operation: redefinition of needs and priorities, identification of critical points, drafting equipment configuration and label design
  • Equipment management and maintenance (defining conditions and correct setup for optimal output; provision of additional replacement gear and consumable suplies)
  • Technical support
  • Option of lending NiceLabel software licence

THE ADVANTAGES OF PRINT MANAGEMENT business improovement solution are financial and organisational relief it provides to the client:

  • A SIGNIFFICANT REDUCTION OF INITIAL INVESTMENT through elimination of equipment acquisition cost
  • CONTROL OF THE CURRENT COSTS through optimisation of business operations and elimination of the acquisition and repair costs
  • ALL the client has to care about is the timely procurement of consumables (stickers and ribons)



Warehouses, shipping companies and distributers worldwide rely on NiceLabel on a daily basis, because it simplyfies and enhances their business operations, boosts effectiveness and improves accuracy of deliverance to end user.

NiceLabel solutions offer numerous possibilities for improvement throughout the supply chain. Coupled with barcode or RFID technologies, NiceLabel is bound to upgrade your productivity, accuracy, quality and flexibility regarding the printing of labels and labeling.


NiceLabel is a next-generation labeling software, which enables digitalisation of the entire labeling process and effectively turns hidden costs into visible savings.Whether you are looking for a simple label designing tool or a complete system solution for organising your labeling process – digitalisation is the way to reduce direct and indirect costs, as well as to minimise missed business opportunities.