• Manufacture execution solutions (MES – Manufacture Execution System) comprise automatisation of all manufacture processes, which essentially means a simplified organisation and traceability of the product journey troughout the production process, (from acquisition and storage of the raw material, trough manufacturing line input and output as a finished product, all the way to the start of its distribution journey.)
  • By developing new and implementing existing solutions, Zebracon covers the entire scope of special requirements of their clients. Our team sucessfully drafts design solutions for implementation of manufacture computerisation and automation into the client’s existing system.
  • It is up to the client to opt for a solution, to customise our software or services offer and tailor it to outline their own business requirements.
  • We pay special attention to small businesses, as solving their challenges in fairly limited framework offers a chance for closer engagement and stricter prioritisation boosts our professional development along the way.
  • Through careful planing, consulting and technical support, we strive to maintain your system at highest operational level, as a successful modern business of any scope would require.
  • Our solutions are based upon the software platform for warehouse management and manufacture execution StreamLoadTM – Easy MES.