Barcode printers are an essential tool for logistics operatoins. A barcode printing device used for labeling physical objects, employing direct thermal printing, has to be efficient, reliable and fast.

Industrial barcode printers are used in large production lines or in warehouses, because they have a greater capacity, longer lifespan, and work faster. For offices and POSs, desktop barcode printers are more suitable.


  • Easy integration into hybrid environments with a wide range of emulations in industry
  • Easy setting includes a user-adjusted interface with inuitive menu and easy ribon replacement
  • Remote control printing provides global management over a fleet of printers, resource optimisation, increase in productivity and reduction of operating costs.


  • Robust structure and metal parts promise endurance even in most demanding surroundings
  • Dual ribon motors provide a continual tension and print consistency
  • Mechanical components reduce wear and provide running even in challenging industrial conditions
  • Superior ribon capacity reduces the necessity for refil and increases productivity

Line-matrix printers

Irreplaceable tool for hi-volume printing of invoices, certificates and all other printed material in the supply chain.Available in cabinet or pedestal configuration, they are designed to work around the clock (or 24-7), because business inherently can not afford to halt.


  • Option of 24-7 operational mode, with the longest expected time before the first service and minimum repair interventions
  • Intended for runnung in challenging conditions, durable in extreme temperature, humidity and dirt
  • Durable metal construction with protected electronic components


  • Flexibility of output medium, including wide format multi-piece medium and continual medium
  • OpenPrint option … easy plug and printing in PDF and postscript format, from existing ERP environments
  • Modern communication introduced as standard, via USB 2.0 port, stock and Ethernet/Parallel ports


  • Lowest average printing cost per page, pertains to a reliable hardware and low cost of consumables
  • Remote problem diagnostics allows monitoring of printer status and further configuration via web interface
  • Energy efficient equipment reduces electric energy consumption in stand-by mode, lowers the cost of energy and waste production, while increasing operative efficiency

Handheld terminals (label readers)

Handheld terminals combine advantage of PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) devices and high end industrial mobile computers into a durable, reliable and precise device, which makes them irreplaceable in warehouses.

Placed in a lightweight and compact housing, they provide the needed functionality and employee integration in each segment of the process.



Zebracon offers a wide range of labels and ribons for labeling goods and warehouse, in various formats and dimensions, and in different materials, as well as sticker sleeves, face slits and printer toners.

Labels and tags

Zebracon’s selection of labels and tags meet the requirements of most applications and working environments (offices, warehouses, production halls, riffers…).

Depending on print method and type of material, our offer includes:

  • Labels on rolls: Thermal Evo, Vellum and Polyproppilen labels
  • Labels on sheet in A4 paper size, in all dimensions and materials


Zebracon offers ribbons for thermal and matrix printing:

  • Ribbons for barcode printers (Zebra, Printronix, Citizen, Toshiba, Sato,…);
  • Ribbons for line-matrix printers

Thermal printing ribbons are imported directly from manufacturers

Wax Ribone, wax-based, used for printing paper labels; non weather-proof, mostly suited for labeling in offices, warehouses, protected transport and such

Wax/Resin Ribone, wax-resin, used for printing polypropylene labels, which offer more resilience and durability in challenging conditions; but still not resistant to aggressive chemicals and not entirely weather-proof

Resin Ribone, resin-based, used for printing on polypropylene and PVC labels, offer top resilience, in extreme conditions.

Self-adhesive pockets and envelopes

Zebracon offers self-adhesive pockets and envelopes of various sizes, for logistics purpose, used for packaging the shipping documentation: invoices, cargo sheets and similar.

The front side is made of polyethylene, and comes as:

  • Transparent, for visual access
  • Printed, with self-adhesive backside

Upon removing the protective sylicon paper from the backside, self-adhesive envelope is applied to either the package or the goods, together with the complete documentation, securing them during the transport.


Zebracon printing suplies array also includes original and compatible toners for laser printing. Compatibile toners are the ones not made by the printer manufacturer. The are not recycled, effectively recharged, and thus comply to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.